Casa Gregal


Single-family house located in a key plot within La Plana, a growing project in Sitges focused on single-family housing fabric.

It is a house in which the owners told us that they wanted a comfortable house, developed on a single level, in which life was carried out around the garden.

We responded to the client’s needs with a focus on sustainable housing and zero consumption. Adapting the design to the energy requirements of the site.



Plot of 600m2, with triangular geometry.

Housing of 200m2, on first floor, separating the day space with the night area, generating two marked volumes that pick up the shape of the plot and generate an outdoor living space centered on the garden.


Apatment that is developed on the first floor, we understand the need to clearly separate day space with night area, generating two marked bays that collect the triangular shape of the plot and generate a semi-enclosed courtyard focused on north-east. The access to the house is created in the articulation of these two volumes.

The relationship between interior and exterior spaces and their visual and experiential communication is a priority throughout the project, closing the visuals to the street and enhancing privacy with a modern courtyard, where the program opens and provides comfort with a pool that tempers it.


Sustainable m2 / Efficient m2

Response to the client’s needs. with a total focus on zero consumption housing. We adapt the energy requirements to the casuistry of the plot.

The house has been designed to meet Passive House standards, with a very low energy demand and energy rating A, a heat recovery and air filtration system and an aerothermal air conditioning system have been installed.


Binarq’s team of specialists with the support of Espay Energy in energy consulting and THINKINLEAN in LEAN consulting.

Project certificates