Intern Coworking

We are a new architecture ecosystem formed by professionals with extensive experience.

When I finished my first architectural project, almost 30 years ago, the first thing I thought was that this work would most likely outlive me.
Building with the future in mind and taking care of every detail to give life to the building and optimize its daily life is the dream that has always inspired the BINARQ team.
A solid, long-lasting and efficient project is not in the hands of just one person. Success and evolution require different specialists. And the key is in their ability to work and interrelate as a team as a group, and not as the sum of the parts.

That is BINARQ. And we call this holistic vision “Architecture Ecosystem”.

External Networking

Cooperation with highly specialized external partners.

We have transformed the way projects are carried out.
We form a transversal, collaborative and very flexible team to optimize each project from start to finish. Our goal is to optimize ratios and control costs as much as possible.