Casa Ibiza


Isolated single-family house, with custom design in La Plana, Sitges.

We respond to customer needs with a focus on sustainable housing and zero consumption. Adapting the design to the energy needs of the place.


Plot – 1.216,95 m2

Total constructed area – 294,79 m2

Ground Floor – 240,35 m2

First Floor – 54,43 m2


The main house is developed on first floor and first floor, with the main program on the first floor and a studio on the first floor.

An auxiliary volume is generated with a module of two bedrooms and a bathroom.

The relationship between interior and exterior spaces and their visual and experiential communication is a priority of the project, closing the visuals to the street and enhancing the privacy of the interior garden space.

Sustainable m2 / Efficient m2

The house has been designed to meet Passive House standards, with a very low energy demand and energy rating A, a heat recovery and air filtration system and an aerothermal air conditioning system have been installed.


Binarq’s team of specialists with the support of Espay Energy in energy consulting and THINKINLEAN in LEAN consulting.

Project certificates