Set of two office buildings located on a transversal plot between Pujades and Pallars streets with an open public-private area inside the block. The project is located in an area of modification
of the Poble Nou industrial zones in the 22@ activity district.
The main building of PB+8, with its main façade facing Pujades street, has been designed to optimize the design of the core
optimizing the design of the communication nucleus to free up the floor plan and the floor plan and achieve open spaces for future office layouts. office layouts.

In the interior area we find the second volume of ground floor,
where its roof is used as a private terrace for the offices. The building dialogues with the public space inside the block and the industrial past of the Poble Nou district.



– 6.503,68 m2 of constructed surface
– Offices
– 121 parking places
– 44 bicycle spaces


The design of the building dialogues with the interior of the block generating a public space for public-private.

Sustainable m2 / Efficient m2

Sustainability strategies are part of the essential design of an “eco-friendly” building, committed to the environment, designed for near-zero consumption.


The project has counted on the team of specialists of Binarq and the support of ESPAI ENERGY.

Project certificates